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FastoSafe is a leading service provider that offers cutting-edge solutions for fraud prevention, 3DS (3-D Secure), and chargeback management to merchants processing card payments.
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Which Problems Do FastoSafe Solve?

At FastoSafe, we understand the critical issues that merchants face when it comes to fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Our services can be categorized into two essential areas:

1 Pre-Transaction Fraud Prevention

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for preventing fraudulent transactions before they occur.

2 Post-Transaction Chargeback Management

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Solutions 👏🏻

How Do We Solve It?

FastoSafe employs a combination of advanced tools and industry-leading partners to address fraud and chargeback issues:

Fraud Prevention

Our AI fraud detection tools screen every transaction for potential risks, enabling you to block fraudulent attempts before they impact your business.

3DS 2.0 Service

Where available, we integrate 3-D Secure 2.0 technology into your payment processing to enhance security and reduce the risk of fraud.

Chargeback Management

With Ethoca and Verifi CDRN, we provide you with chargeback alerts and automatic refund options.

Features 🎉

Comprehensive suite of features

Fraud Screening

Manage your clients with a single sign-in using pro access.

AI Fraud Detection

Supported by access to sales materials and co-branded collateral.

Real-Time Checks

Supported by access to sales materials and co-branded collateral.

3DS Verification

Manage your clients with a single sign-in using pro access.

RDRs with Refund

Supported by access to sales materials and co-branded collateral.

CDRN Chargeback

Supported by access to sales materials and co-branded collateral.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution refers to the process of resolving conflicts,

Chargeback Blacklists

Supported by access to sales materials and co-branded collateral.

Safe Transactions for Both Low and High Risk Merchants

We’re here to provide simple effective solutions to prevent fraud and chargebacks. With tools like Kount and Red Shield, we detect fraudulent activities early on. 3DS checks and AI fraud detection are part of our arsenal to keep your transactions safe. Plus, we’ve got Ethoca and Verifi for handling those tricky chargebacks.

Don’t let high fraud or chargeback rates threaten your merchant account—choose FastoSafe and protect your business, reputation, and relationships with acquirers and partners today

Avoid financial losses

Fraud and chargebacks can hit your business where it hurts: your profits. When customers dispute transactions, or when fraudulent activities slip through, your money is on the line. These issues not only drain your resources but also put your relationship with payment partners at risk.

With high rates of fraud and chargebacks, you could be facing serious financial losses, creating instability and uncertainty in your business. Navigating these challenges on your own can be overwhelming, highlighting the need for a dedicated solution to address and mitigate these costly risks.

Testimonials from user 🤩

What our user say about us

You will get many benefits from our features. Finding a parking space becomes easier
Risto S.
Risto S.
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Onboarding process was good. Gerardo has been always available and willing to help to solve the problems. I like the fact they have Whatsapp customer support, while others use mostly only e-mail. Their merchant panel also looks complete and useful. recommended!
Kevin William Simpson
Kevin William Simpson
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Dennis does an extraordinary achevement to satisfy the needs we have in the CBD industry. Thanks for everything. I and we at Oils by Simpson recommends Fasto to others in the hemp industry for a serious partner.
Paul Somerville
Paul Somerville
CEO - Sinsation
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The team has completely bent over backwards to get me set up with my business over this troublesome period. They have answered emails and messages late in the evening and even worked weekends to deliver a fantastic service to me. This is the only provider I would work with.
Christoffer Wilhelmsen
Christoffer Wilhelmsen
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Highly efficient and service minded! Fasto helped us where so many others have failed and provided incredibly swift and efficient setup. Would highly recommend to anyone and I look forward to working together!
Some frequently asked questions 👍🏻

Frequently asked questions

We will not be able to stop all fraud, but we will be able to lower it to a point where your merchant accounts are no longer in danger.

3DS is mandatory is Europe, but outside it is not. But this doesn´t mean you can´t activate and use it, it can still be used as a method to keep yourself safe from scammers.

FastoSafe can stop chargebacks, by activating CDRN´s, RDR´s, 3DS and fraud detection tools. This is to say, it might not be necessary to activate all four, but if chargebacks and fraud are uncontrollable, these tools would give you control back.

We can work with anybody in any part of the world. If you have problems with chargebacks, fraud or just wants to make sure it never happens. FastoSafe has the solutions.

There are different timelimits for each products, RDR´s is 14 days, Fraud is instant, Chargeback alerts can be done from day to day, 3DS is just waiting on you to get it turned on!

Yes, there is. This is because we put a lot of work into helping you, and we would need some guarantees, that the services are actually used.

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